Acute Care

Quality Analysis.
Comprehensive Services. 
Impactful Results.

Ambulatory Care

Justify Cost Savings.

Better Patient Care.


Comprehensive Assessment

Assess Capabilities.

Highlight Opportunities.

Business Plan Development

To guide you through the pharmacy labyrinth, we will create a customized business plan for your pharmacy services based on the information we assembled during the evaluation phase as well as current industry trends and knowledge.
Together, we will work closely with you to better understand your goals and vision. We'll factor in levels of financial risk, upfront investment, use of technology, staffing requirement, estimated start-up costs, estimated revenue and other considerations.
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Project Management and Implementation

Upon completion and approval of the assessment phase of the project and depending upon the project scope—we provide you with a qualified project manager for the tactical planning, scheduling, monitoring and implementation of your Pharmacy enterprise strategy.
Our project manager will work closely with your team and be responsible for the development and maintenance of the project plan.
Our objective throughout the project will be to build multidisciplinary trust among your physicians, pharmacists and patients to optimize transitions of care from hospital to home.
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Talent Acquisition

Attracting the most competent pharmacy staff is a continuous process. However, networking and building relationships with pharmacists who are practicing at the top of their practice can be time consuming.
You can fill your pharmacy staffing needs quickly and easily with help from The Shaeffer Consulting Group. That's because we specialize in pharmacy talent acquisition strategies that can save you valuable time and money, while providing you with a network of exceptional, experienced pharmacists and performance-based results.
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Next Steps...

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