Learn How Shaeffer Consulting Group Drastically Improved PRMC’s In-Hospital Pharmacy

In 2016, PRMC Home Scripts approached The Shaeffer Consulting Group about improving their ambulatory pharmacy operations.  PRMC Home Scripts, part of the Peninsula Regional Medical Center (PRMC)in Salisbury, Maryland, is a first-fill pharmacy with two locations—onsite at the hospital and a retail location in Ocean Pines, a senior living facility.

Since opening in January 2014, PRMC Home Scripts has been providing patients the opportunity of up to a 30-day first fill of their prescribed medications to take with them, at the time of discharge, to ensure they are not only getting their initial medications before they get home, but are also getting the correct medications and information on how to properly use them and why. PRMC Home Scripts also serves the employees of the hospital...  continue to the full article

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